4 Types of Cases a Family Law Attorney Handles

When family law matters arise, they not only encompass legalities but also weigh heavily on your heart. It’s essential that an attorney is standing by your side during these emotional cases. Exactly what type of cases can a lawyer help with?


Divorce is the most common type of cause involved in the family law category. It may seem that no lawyer is needed to help with a divorce, but it’s better to let them in on the matter and take care of things that face the repercussions otherwise.

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Child Custody

Child custody cases are especially difficult for the courts to handle. It’s important that a lawyer is standing there to help in these matters since they ensure the facts of the case are heard and that the best outcome of the case occurs. Nothing is more important during a child custody case.

Child Support

Child support is another area of law that a family law attorney understands and helps his clients with. Many times, child support and child custody matters are handled with the divorce process, but in cases where the couple was not married or when the divorce isn’t finalized, the courts can hear the matter separately.


Many families choose to adopt a child. And while it is a great way to grow your family and help a child desperately in need of a family, adoption is oftentimes complex. Luckily, a lawyer is there to help minimize the stressors. They understand adoption laws and take out the frustrations of this process.

When the above matters or others take place in your life, be sure that a family law fayetteville ar attorney is by your side. Lawyers know how to handle these cases and many others with your best interests in mind. They take care of the legal matters and leave you with assurance and peace of mind when the day is over.